PAR-PACT Environmental Engineering Pvt. Ltd., is a company based in Mumbai, India to cater to the water treatment needs of a variety of markets. We are a specialized technology company in Water, Wastewater and Effluent Treatment Products. PAR-PACT Environmental Engineering Pvt. Ltd. designs, builds and supplies water and waste water treatment plants and accessories primarily for the industrial, municipal and potable water markets. We have ultra-modern production facility at Thane, Mumbai, India. The manufacturing unit has a streamlined facility for manufacturing and assembling of the plants. Our broad technical expertise in physical, chemical, biological & membrane processes for water and waste water treatment allows us to solve your complex water treatment problems economically and effectively. Our products are a result of years of interaction between our engineers, end-users and contractors. Our team of engineers work in tandem with the clients to understand their requirements and provide feasible solutions. They also provide services for modernization and maintenance of the systems not installed by us.PAR-PACT offers standard models in its entire product lines, however, custom designs are a norm rather than an exception.
Division: Project Supply
Category: Effluent Treatment Plant
Supplier/Brand: ParPact
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